CA DLP Tuesday Tip: List CA DLP data objects in BusinessObjects

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How to create a document listing CA DLP data objects available in SAP BusinessObjects posted by Andrew Devine Snr. Support Engineer 15 May 2012.

This article explains how to create a document listing for each data object and its description available in the CABI (CA Business Intelligence) reporting platform through the SAP BusinessObjects Universe deployed for CA DLP r14.0.

To access the documentation for the BusinessObjects Universe for CA (DLP) DataMinder r14.0, follow the steps below;

1. Launch the ‘SAP BusinessObjects Universe Designer’.

For a default installation, the ‘Designer’ can be found in the Start menu under ‘All Programs/Business Objects XI 3.1/BusinessObjects Enterprise’.

2. From the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Import…’. The ‘Import Universe’ dialog box will open.

3. Click the ‘Browse…’ button at the top of this dialog to select a Folder. In the ‘Select a Universe Folder’ dialog box, select ‘CA Universes’ and click OK.

4. ‘CA DLP’ will appear in the ‘Available Universes:’ section of the ‘Import Universe’ dialog box. Click the OK button to Import the CA LP Universe.

5. A dialog box will appear with "Universe successfully imported.” Click OK to clear this message.

6. From the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Options…’. Select the ‘Print/PDF’ tab. Printing options for describing the universe data can be selected here. Click OK when all required options have been selected.

7. From the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Save As…’. In the ‘Save As’ dialog box that appears, change the ‘Save as type:’ to “Portable Document Format (*.pdf)”. You can also specify a File name and destination folder, of where to save the PDF file. Click the ‘Save’ button.

NOTE: These instructions are based off the version of BusinessObjects installed from the “CA Business Intelligence for Windows r3.2 0311 DVD” ISO image.

For more information on BusinessObjects reports for CA DLP r14.0 please refer to "Reports Integration Guide Release 14.0 (DLP_Reports_ENU.pdf)" which is part of the CA DLP r14.0 Bookshelf available from the CA Support Portal (