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SmartStorTools shows 383000 historical metrics, via Workstation shows 1 Mil

Question asked by jfaldmo on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by jakbutler
The workstation is showing that the smartstor has over a million historical metrics. (Before I started administrating our APM environment the default was increased.)
The Alert "EM Historical Metric" opened a caution alert with a target of 1070000:
SuperDomain|Custom Metric Host (Virtual)|Custom Metric Process (Virtual)|Custom Metric Agent (Virtual) (chqpvul5033@5001)|Enterprise Manager|Connections:Number of Historical Metrics = 1073344

When using the SmartStorTools it shows that there is 383903 metrics. The smartstor directory is also 15 GB large.(The archive directory is 13 GB large.)

Why would I be getting such a large discrepancy and how do I fix it?