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Modifying the "Role Investments - Capacity" Investment Object View

Question asked by brad.lackey on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by medavis
First time caller here. Please be gentle.

I'm trying to modify the "Role Investments - Capacity" view in the Investments object. Currently, when you access this view from the Role Capacity portlet, if shows you the "allocation" for that role by time-varied for each project/investment that role is currently assigned to (either as a role or as a resource).

What I "want" this view to instead show is the time-varied ETCs for that role for each project/investment. However, when I try to configure the view under Fields / Monthly Allocation, if I swap out the Value Attribue of "Total Allocation" for "ETC for Labor Resources," I get some crazy number in the tens of thousands that is way beyond the total number of resource hours we have in Clarity across ALL roles. Yet this is the only ETC-related option that I can select.

So my question is, is there any way to create a new Value Attribute (in the Investment object?) that will show time-varied ETCs just for the particular role, for each project/investment that role is currently assigned to?

The reason I don't want to use allocation is because our roles/resources are 100% allocated by default. So if the PM hasn't done their job to update this to make it more accurate, OR if their ETCs (how they "plan" to use the resource) are something lesser than (or more) than the allocation %, I prefer to see that. We are more ETC driven than Allocation % driven.


Brad Lackey