CA Champions Programs - Points alloted - Feedback

Discussion created by sundar on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on May 19, 2012 by another_martink

CA had introduced the new champions point program points - some of them which i have noted.


1. It had attracted existing users to use more on the clarity forum which is an welcome one and will attract new users too.

2. MY CA is looking very good.

3.The points system encourage users to actively participate / contribute more.(still my favorite is kudos).


1. Publishing an blog is an in deed an top point earner which is absolutely correct and should be provided much more than just subscribe.
What about the solutions provided by users for threads which is "mark as accepted" - in an thread which will earn less points than just clicking "subscribe" to an thread.
That should be considered for more points.

2.Even you can go and subscribe the old resolved posts which will earn you more points.will that be encouraged?.

Tip of the week to become an champion -->Basically you need to browse all the categories / subscribe whatever you can for few days then you can become an CA Champion.i did subscribe for 3 /4 posts and
become an CA Hero - got more points :grin:

This is just my feedback.