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Migrating from DEV to TEST to PROD

Question asked by vivek.gupta4 on May 19, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by vivek.gupta4

We have a huge implementation of 402 Objects (including sub objects), 345 Portlets, 76 Processes and 3100 users.
Now that we have finished Development of the system, we are required to migrate the setup to TEST instance, and after UAT, we need to migrate to PROD too.
There seems to be only 2 options:
1. XOG out all the objects, portlets etc. from DEV and XOG them into TEST instance - This approach would be very time cosuming seeing the size of the implementation, and we may still miss out something or the other.
2. Take a Full DB export of DEV, and import it into the TEST instance - This approach would result in all the junk data, and our Development users getting migrated to the new setup.
Is there a standard/recommended approach of migrating from DEV to TEST and then to PROD. Please let us know at the earliest, as the UAT is going to start on coming Wednesday (23-May).