CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Prevent repeat processing on Message Server Agent

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How to prevent repeat processing by Server Agents in Multiple Domains with CA DLP r14.0 Message Server Agent Integration publish on 22 May 2012 by Andrew Devine, Snr. Support Engineer.

To prevent repeat processing by Server Agents in Multiple Domains, you can use the EnterpriseDNSList and SmtpDNSHostName registry values to ensure that e-mails are not reprocessed needlessly by consecutive Exchange server agents.

You can also use them to enforce selective repeat processing, for example, to configure a logical e-mail enterprise that is not constrained by its physical topology. See the following examples;

Example 1: Prevent Repeat Processing
Unipraxis Corporation has Exchange Servers in multiple domains, and each one hosts an Exchange server agent. On each host machine:

SmtpDNSHostName is set to UNIPRAXIS.COM.
EnterpriseDNSList includes UNIPRAXIS.COM in its domain list.

Now, when any Exchange server agent receives an e-mail tagged as coming from UNIPRAXIS.COM, it knows that policy has already been applied and so does not reprocess the email.

Note: If the Unipraxis Exchange servers are all in the UNIPRAXIS.COM domain, you do not need to edit these registry values to prevent repeat processing. By default, each Exchange server agent infers that emails arriving from this domain have already been processed and will exclude them from processing.

Example 2: Selective Repeat Processing.

Unipraxis Corporation have a single worldwide domain, UNIPRAXIS.COM, but a CMS in the US and Europe. They want emails sent between US offices to be processed once, but emails sent to a European office to be processed a second time, and European policy applied.

On all their US Exchange servers, SmtpDNSHostName and EnterpriseDNSList are set to UX-US.COM. On all their European Exchange servers, these registry values are set to UX-EUROPE.COM. Specifically, the US domain is not recognized by the Exchange server agents in Europe, and the European domain not recognized by the US server agents.

This ensures that e-mails sent between US offices, or between European offices, are processed once only, but emails sent between the US and Europe are reprocessed on arrival, and a second policy applied.

For more information please refer to the CA (DLP) DataMinder r14.0 Message Server Integration Guide (DLP_Message_Server_Int_ENU.pdf) which is available to download from the CA (DLP) DataMinder r12.0 Bookshelf on the CA Support Portal (