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Installation of BO Client Tools

Question asked by on May 23, 2012
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Hi All,

I have installed CABI3.2 on RHEL 5 (64-bit) machine and we are on Oracle database. To import BIAR files, I found from posts in this forum that BO client tools must be installed on a windows machine.

Have some questions regarding the same, someone please clarify:

1. Planning to install BO client tools on windows 7 machine. Is it possible?
2. Oracle client installation is required or not on the same machine to edit the CA_CLARITY connection from designer?
3. After the BIAR files are imported, connections are set and OOTB reports are running from clarity, can I uninstall the client tools?
4. Will there be any impact on running the reports OOTB from clarity if the BO client tools are uninstalled?

Thanks & Regards