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Add Active Directory Groups based on PX

Question asked by mmarin on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by Alan Baugher
Hi, i am trying to create a Policy Xpress to Add AD Groups to users based in a specific department of the user but without results.

I am using the doc example:

Example: Active Directory Groups
1. Create a Policy Xpress policy with the following settings:

Policy Type: Event
Events: After – Modify User
2. In the Action Rule, configure the following Add Action:
Category: Attributes
Type: Set Account Data
Function: Set
Endpoint Type: Active Directory
Endpoint: endpoint_name
Account Name: account
Attribute: Member Of (groupMembership)
Value: NativeGroup=Administrators,Container=Builtin,Endpoint=endpoint_name,Namespace=ActiveDirectory,Domain=im,Server=Server

Anybody have the Px export of the same policy in order to understand this procedure?