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Question asked by lipkink on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by lipkink
Hello all,

I am new to Clarity and I have a requirement set forth by our company:

To create a portlet that shows projects that have been set to approved status from today -7 days

I need to be able to look at each project and see when status was set to approved, using a portlet on a dashboard.

Here is what I have tried to do logically:
I am trying to create a field on the Project object called Approval Date as a Date field with a default readonly value of 1/1/1900.
I would then create a process that will [on change of status to approved] set that Approval Date field to [Current Date] once the process is run.
Then the portlet would have a power filter on it to look at that field and do a compare.

I can create the attribute on the Project Object fine, but when I go into the Step Action it is not showing up on the drop down when I choose project.thisproject.

Please any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.