CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Administration Searches.

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CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Administration Searches posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 29 May 2012.

The CA (DLP) DataMinder r14.0 Administration Console (ACon) includes a range of Administration searches which let you search for user, group and machine accounts. This can be useful if you needed to search for example, user accounts with out-of-date policies or machines that have missed one or more replication checkpoints.

The available predefined searches include 'information' and 'health' searches, for both users and machines. More specifically;

User Information

These focus on user accounts that are active or currently logged in, or which have had policy changes since the account was created.

User Health

These searches focus on:

[*]User accounts with out-of-date policies. That is, the child machine is not using the latest policy version held on the CMS. Specifically, the reported policy does not match the assigned policy.
[*]Unused user accounts. These are accounts that exist on the CMS but which have never logged on.
[*]User accounts with no parent group, and user or group policies with no parent policy. Both situations can potentially arise if the user hierarchy becomes corrupted in the CMS database.

Machine Information

These searches identify current machine accounts (separate searches are available for each machine type) and machines currently connected to the CMS.

Machine Health

A wide range of diagnostic searches are available. For example, you can search for:

[*]Suspended machines, machines that cannot be contacted, or CA DLP machines on which the infrastructure has stopped.
[*]Machines that need a complete infrastructure synchronization with their parent server.
[*]Machines running the latest version of CA DLP, or machines running an out-of-date version.
[*]Machines that have missed one or more replication checkpoints.
[*]Machines with a replication backlog—either infrastructure updates waiting to be sent down to child machines, or captured events waiting to be sent up to the parent server.

For more information on the Administrative features of CA DLP please refer to the CA DataMinder (DLP) r14.0 Administration Guide (DLP_Admin_ENU.pdf) which is available to download from the CA DLP r14.0 Bookshelf on the CA Support Portal (