12.1.1 and MS Project 2010 strange error

Discussion created by Spelo on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
I am getting an error when working with MS Project 2010 and the MS Project Interface with Clarity. We are running Clarity 12.1.1 and on Windows 7 we are using the correct version of Java and have already gone through the recommended CA full uninstall/reinstall and I mean a clean uninstall uncluding the registry on the machine and manually cleaning the VB macro in MS Project. After doing the full install again this error comes up (see attached). This error appears when opening MS Project and using the Clarity PPM Integration Tab and clicking the open button it prompts for the usual user ID PW combo then this error jumps up. You click ok but then nothing has actually happened you don't get to select a project plan to open, nothing. So its as if the connection is there but part of it is missing?

Then going the other way around logging into Clarity and clicking the Go button under the properties tab, it launches into MS Project says its loading from Clarity but then just hangs??

Any ideas as it has me stumped... I have also tried re-installing the MS Project Interface in Repair mode to see if this fixes this issue to see if there was one missing link but again no luck.