Alan Baugher

Improve IM Screen performance

Discussion created by Alan Baugher Employee on Jun 1, 2012
Hello All,

There are a lot of samples and tools under the IAM_Suite folder(s).
Example: /opt/CA/IdentityManager/IAM_Suite/IdentityManager/tools/samples folder

I want to encourage you to review the provided SQL commands to improve your IME's screen performance.
under the path /opt/CA/IdentityManager/IAM_Suite/IdentityManager/tools/samples/ObjectStore/

This SQL script will add indices for the Objectstore tables IM_SCREEN_LD & IM_SCREEN_FIELD_LD.
This SQL can ONLY be executed AFTER an IME has been created, so it is not deployed automatically.

See the readme file for additional information:

Below is an example I have used on my sandbox environment that I use for knowledge transfer sessions:

22) Add indices for Objectstore tables IM_SCREEN_LD & IM_SCREEN_FIELD_LD, AFTER environment creation, e.g. objectstore_db_oracle.sql
(See /opt/CA/IdentityManager/IAM_Suite/IdentityManager/tools/samples/ObjectStore/readme.txt)
a) Create indices
su - oracle
sqlplus idmdba001 {enter password when asked}
SQL> @/opt/CA/IdentityManager/IAM_Suite/IdentityManager/tools/samples/ObjectStore/objectstore_db_oracle.sql
SQL> exit

Recommend that metrics are captured before the change is made; of screen refreshes; to show the value of this update.
I have seen improved performance within client environments and within my own images.

As always, deploy & confirm in the following order: dev -> qa -> stage -> production