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Process question

Question asked by leo.j.beck on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by Chris_Shaffer_hcsc
Hi all, i am trying to create a process that starts when some task attributes are updated for projects created on a specific template. I set project with template as a primary object and start event is update. When task attributes are updated the process starts but the problem is since the primary object is project, whenever project is saved, the process also starts. I need the process to start only if task is updated not project is updated. I am thinking to create a text attribute 'A' for project object and set default vaule like 1 for the template then configure the process with task as primary object and set the condition to check if the project attribute 'A' = 1 then trigger the process. I am wondering if there is any other esier way to do this. thanks!