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Question on creating a new custom portlet to replace Resource Availability

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2012 by another_martink
I am tasked to add a flag (Billable Y/N) to the resource filter in the Resource Planning screen. (see screen 1) (v12.0.5)

I see this filter layout defined but it is for Resources, and we need to add filtering for projects too (Billable). The page were it is displayed to the user at runtime is Resource Planning -> Workloads (tab).

The screenshot shows the expanded filter section showing the default filter.

What we want here is to modify the default for all users, not build a power filter that any user can do.

In the Administration Tool, in Portlet Pages, there is a page for Resource Planning, that shows the proper tabs. We are interested in the first tab defined as projmgr.workloads.

Under Portlets, I see a Resource Workloads portlet (projmgr.resourceWorkloads). This seems to be the one. Problem is this only works with the resource objects and when you click on the availability (red-yellow bars) you get the projects the resource is assigned to and their availability.

We would like not to see all their projects but filter the list to only billable ones. I realize this (billable bit) is not information that exists in the Resource Object but in the Project Object. I guess this cannot be done with the canned portlet and canned filter layout.

Would it be possible to create a new portlet that looks like this one, but has a filter with Billable Y/N checkbox then limits what projects we see in Resource Planning? I assume it will be take some work on my part in creating a new portlet and the queries to support it to replace the canned one. Before I even start and tell management I can go along this path, is this feasible? Does it make sense? Is there something else I do not know about that I can use or do?

Any thoughts appreciated.