UMODR18A released today

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jun 6, 2012
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I uploaded UMODR18A to the UCL folder at the community site just a few moments ago. I was just floored by the R18 install in more ways than I can even begin to explain right now, but by far the worst part for me was assembling important system modules outside of SMP/E that have always been done inside of SMP/E in the past. If this is progress I will have no part of it. [color=#cb0303]YMMV[color].

A little blurb from the document:

[color=#0020c1]"I don't know about anyone else, but I could not fathom the custom loadlib approach presented in the R18 standard install process. As soon I just came to see the #SVCOPT would be assembled outside of SMP/E I knew this approach was never going to work for me. What is presented here are usermods to replace part of the install JOB3 that is now generated by CAISAG. I haven't installed any CICS support yet and have left some other things probably undone, but this is at least a starter for anyone of similar mindset to myself. I also only created usermods for the tools products we have, but once started it's pretty elementary to add additional ones. You can put the input into a standard SMP/E job of your liking. Perhaps you did some usermods before for R17 and earlier. I used those jobs and procedures as a starting point."[color]

John Fisher
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