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Question asked by Nei_Lojas_Renner_SA on Jun 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by Nei_Lojas_Renner_SA
Hi community,

We need scale operational tasks to Service Desk, so I ´d like to create a user with very restricted rigths:

- Change password´s resources;
- Create new resources (not with admin rigths..);
- Add user to a group;

I´ve granted Resource - Navigate/Create/Edit-All/View-Allritght to a test login, but this just allows operations at Aplication Menu - Resource Management (cannot change resource´s password);

Administration - Resources right allows access to Admin Tool Menu - Organization and Access but I not be able to list resources, or create a new one. When I click at "new' button I got the message:

"Error 401 - Unauthorized. You are not authorized to view the page. If you are sure you have access, try logging in again or contact your system administrator."

Any suggestion about give operational tasks to non-admin users?


Nei Villas boas