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Actuate report throws error

Question asked by on Oct 6, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
Hi All,

I am configuring a new Actuate report server for our UAT environment and I am
porting reports from our old server into this new one.

I've used the option to Download the .rox file from the previous server and
then "Add file" in the new Actuate server.

When I ran the reports from within Clarity I get the followint error message:

RPT-0002: This report is not configured properly.
The report /ppm/Master_Program_view.rox did not execute properly. Error from
server is Status No: 1 : Basic Error: 1011 Module: afc\db.bas Line: 193
Database Error 20: Cannot load library: acorcl90 Status No: 2 : Could not
load library: D:\Clarity\Actuate8\iServer\operation\acorcl90.DLL. Its version
might be incompatible with your database client version.

Has anyone seen this before?