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Migrating from MSP to OWB - has anyone done this lately?

Question asked by mark.morrow on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by mark.morrow
Have you migrated the use of Microsoft Project to Open WorkBench, within Clarity? We're interested in the following:

1) How much training did you provide?

2) What kind of a productivity hit did your PMs experience? We're looking for something to judge how long productivity was impacted and how bad in terms of a percent of time.

3) How satisfied are your PMs with the change?

4) We have over 700 PMs. Approximately 300 of them use MS Project for Medium to Large-complex project schedules. The remaining 400 plus use MS Project for Small projects. Have your PMs who work on Medium to Large-complex projects found that Open WorkBench has the functionality they need to manage those schedules?

5) What other productivity gains or cost savings have you experienced by moving to Open WorkBench?