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Manager of Any Project -  Permissions

Question asked by marie.mcintosh on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by Dave
When I enter my name in as the Manager of any project, I used to be able to view and edit all subpages no matter which Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) I was part of.

However, due to business rules, i had to make all subpages SECURED. Then I had to create a Group for each Tech Directorate (i.e. kinda like a department) which was associated to an OBS (this OBS is associated to the Project Object) for these SECURED, as a tester, I set my Group (and therefore associated OBS) to "AA". So now when I log in I can only view projects that have an OBS set to "AA".

Now if I'm the Project Manager, I can create a new project and set the OBS to "ZZ", but once I click Save I can only view the General Subpage's Organization Breakdown Structure section. If I'm the Project Manager, I want to be able to view and edit all the subpages and tabs no matter which Group I am a part of. NOTE: If I set the Project's OBS to "AA", then it works as expected.

How do I resolve this issue?