Clarity 13 and SharePoint2010 integration

Discussion created by Majlos on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
Hi all

I tried to integrate Clarity 13 with SharePoint 2010. I used for this the CA Clarity PPM Connector for MS SharePoint v2.0.
But after I installed this Connector on the SharePoint server and I logged in as is and documentation(Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Product Guide for Clarity 13]

Follow these steps:

In Microsoft SharePoint Central Administration, click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings.
Under Site Administration, click Site Features.

The Site Features page appears.
Click Activate next to the Against CA Clarity PPM Site Menus field.

The Create CA Clarity PPM Project Site Menus feature is activated.

In MS SharePoint Server is no Site Features under Site Administration. It means, that I can not activate Against CA Clarity PPM Site Menus field. Do you think, that I am doing something wrong, or does anybody has the same experience with Clarity 13 and Sharepoint2010 integration too?

Thank you for your help