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How to add lookup filter (Resource name, OBS) to custom query portlet

Question asked by akort on Jun 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by akort
As a follow up to my previous NSQL posting, I have a Portlet which is using a query I created that shows Resource names in one column and their respective OBS unit in the next. Now I would like to be able to filter by using a lookup on each of these columns, but currently I can't do that because the query returns filters that are just plain text, so the user would have to input this manually. Is there any way to add lookups as filters via a query created portlet? I searched through the system and found in the Lookups list various OBS lookups, one that looks useful: "OBS Resource Filter Browse" with ID "OBS_BROWSE_FLT_RES". It uses a query:

@SELECT:a.type_id:type_id@ FROM prj_obs_units a

Perhaps this could be used in the query as a filter? But I don't know if this would give me a Lookup filter might be plain text again. If anyone has insight into this help would be greatly appreciated!