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Portecting 4 applications in Single WeblogicServer using 4 UserDirectories

Question asked by VinodVishwanatham1312864 on Jun 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by VinodVishwanatham1312864
Dear All,

We have 4 applications deployed in a Single Weblogic Server and want to protect these 4 applications using 4 different user directories. Could you please let me know
how to implement this scenario.

As i am trying to create 4 domains for 4 application which are in the same weblogic server. and trying to create IdentityAsserterValidationRealm and SMAuthenticationRealm using
the same webagent, while Creating First domain i don't have any problem. While creating 2 domain I am facing error saying agent and Resource combination should be unique.

Please let me know is there any alternative for this scenario.

Thanks & Regards