Request for your feedback & testimonials!

Discussion created by erije03 on Jun 25, 2012
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Hello everyone-

My name is Jeff Erickson here at CA in the Clarity SPM business unit. I'm putting together a library of video customer quotes and testimonials to be used for various sales activities. The most valuable sales tools we can use are statements from our existing customer base. We're looking for you, our valued customers, to record video clips talking about what you've accomplished by using Clarity. Tell us how Clarity has made your life easier, improved your organization and/or just plain made everything better! If you replaced another solution with Clarity, let us know that as well!

In this day of YouTube, Skype & FaceTime, we thought we should get with the program and start a library of our own! You don't have to be a skilled actor...just be yourself, hit record and send your clip to me!

My contact info is:
Jeff Erickson

Thanks for your help with this and I look forward to seeing what you guys put together! :smile