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Discussion created by MaryGreening on Jun 25, 2012
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Dear Customers,

Greetings from CA Technologies!!

At CA Technologies, we always strive towards providing the best service to our customers. As part of continuous improvement towards serving our customers better, we have changed the process to raise and track enhancement requests for the CA Application Performance Management (APM) product via the Wily/APM Community.

The Wily/APM Community is an active community, where users of APM technology can collaborate and network with other users without the limits created by geographical and physical distances. We want every customer, regardless of location, to have equal access and opportunity to information and communication directly from the APM product team.

Wily/APM Community is open to all customers at no cost; the user community also enables close participation and collaboration amongst customers and CA with respect to product improvement by providing exclusively to its members a clear equitable voice into Wily product feature development.

As you are aware, you might have been using the CA Support portal to raise and track enhancement requests. We would like to inform you that, starting from July 02, 2012, we will be moving to Ideas on Wily/APM Community. Please be informed that starting from July 02, 2012 we will not be accepting any enhancement requests via the CA Support portal. Instead, we would like you to post your request as an Idea on Wily/APM Community under Ideas. After you join or access the community, click the Ideas tab. Go through the list of Ideas to make sure yours isn’t already in there. If it is, make sure you vote on it. If it isn’t, post it for the rest of the community to vote on. Feel free to vote on any other great ideas that appear in the list. More information on how to use the Ideas system and how to join communities on MyCA is available on the MyCA home page.

Please note, you should continue to raise any trouble tickets via CA Support portal. There is no change in the process in which we handle our support tickets.

This change in handling the enhancement request process is intended to provide better services to our customers and bring transparency to the system to be able to identify and drive high value customer enhancements into our product and to continuously strive towards making our product better, so as to be able to address your needs.

If you are not a member of Wily/APM Community, we strongly encourage you to become a member of this community to take full advantage of this community. For more information, please contact CA Support.

Best Wishes
CA APM Product Management
CA Technologies