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MS Project task change from ASAP to Start no earlier than after save

Question asked by occlarity on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by Michael
One of the Project Manager reported that her project task change from "ASAP" to "Start no earlier than" after save back to Clarity and reopening back up again the next day.

1. One master project with five sub-project underneath
2. Exiting Task with constraint and Flag as "ASAP" with predecessors assigned to the task
3. Project set as "Fix Work"
4. Save it back to Clarity
5. Next day, re-open MS Project from Clarity
6. Several task have been change from "ASAP" to "Start No Earlier Than"

She only work on the MS Project side, update the project and save it back to Clarity. No one has updated the tasks or the WBS within Clarity.

Anyone has any ideas why the status change from ASAP to start on earlier than on select task?

Thanks for any input regarding this issues!