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Clarity V13: assign resource to other work

Question asked by ispa-consulting on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by ispa-consulting

I have created 3 groups : 2 are based on Global right and one on OBS right.
We use project and other work. So I want that my project office user will be able to assign only the resource from the OBS where he's got right
The clarity version/build is:

This is the groups i have defined:
Group :"All user(global)"
Global Right:Account Settings - Navigate, Organizer - Access,Resource - Navigate,Timesheets - Navigate

Group:"ALL Project Office(global)"
Global Right:Administration - Access,Administration - Authorization,Administration - Resources,Management - Programs,Other Work - Navigate,Other Work - View - All,Project - Create
Project - Edit Hierarchy All,Project - Hierarchy - Parents - Edit - All, Project - Modify Baseline All, Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Edit - All,
Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - View - All, Projects - Navigate

Group: "Project Office OBS1 (OBS)"
OBS Right: Project - Edit Management, Project - Hierarchy - Parents - Add, Project - Hierarchy - Parents - Edit, Project - View Management, Resource - Edit
Resource - Edit Access Rights, Resource - Edit Administration, Resource - Hard Book, Resource - View Access Rights

Now if i go to the project team tab, i'm able to assign ONLY my OBS resources : That's fine
Now if i go to the the other work team tab, i'm able to assign ALL the resources : that's wrong

Does i make a mistake somewhere or is it a bug, because it seems that the resource hard book doesn't work in the same way if you are on a project or on other work ?