CA Tuesday Tip: Turning on WCC debug for the JSC

Discussion created by panro05 Employee on Jun 26, 2012
CA WAAE 11.3 Tech Tip posted by Rommel Panergalin, Sr. Support Engineer 6/26/2012

To setup logging to get all WCC related log message in JSC is as following:

1. Comment out or delete all of the existing… entries from The lines are after the following line: # Print only messages of level ERROR or above
2. Add the following:
3. The following values should be set to increase the log file size. The example below will set a limit of 200MB for the log file with 10 20MB chunks.

While the above is for JSC this applies to all WCC applications. The key is to use the package name, in the above example, most of the WCC classes are in the following packages:

Always make sure that you have available disk space to make sure they do not run out of disk space.