Customer and Provider in one project? - how to set up in Clarity v13?

Discussion created by MiroS on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
Dear all,
I seek for support in answering the following issue we currently try to solve:
After several standalone Clarity implementations (since 7.5.3 through 12.0.6 ) we now try to bring version 13 with following challenge.
Previously business division set up so called Business project in one partition and when after assess phase it became clear that services of our internal IT provider will be needed, second representation of the same project was established in so called IT partition.
Then both projects have been linked.
We now try to resolve the puzzle by establishing 3 project type: Joint. in new system without partitions we would like to have:
1. one project object for both parts: business and IT (including the tasks, resources, financials) can this be achieved within one entity?
2. we need to report separately for Line of Business and for Service Line of the IT provider (which OBS will then be linked to Department?)
3. we need to distinguish in financial reports between business costs and IT costs (as in fact these are two separate companies of the same group) Can this be achieved with grouping code User 1 or with different grouping code?
4. we need to split the cost plan per project phase (5 phases with separate tollgate approvals. (should we use User type2 or Charge code for this?
5. Operational IT costs are part of overall project cost when project is due for approval but are not tracked after project is closed (actually they are cost of running application or service so should they be stored in cost plan of the child investment object (Application or Service) after the project is closed?

thank you for your tips to any of beforementioned topics