CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Configuring the iConsole for User roles.

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CA DLP (DataMinder) r14.1 Configuring the iConsole for User roles posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 26 June 2012

CA DataMinder r14.1 introduces a new feature which allows DataMinder Administrators to configuring the DataMinder iConsole based upon a User role (e.g. Human Resources Reviewer).

Note: You can only set up user role configurations in the iConsole if you have the 'Admin: Manage iConsole' administrative privilege.

You can configure the iConsole separately for different user roles. The following items are available on the Role Assignments page of the Administration tab:

Settings - Specify the default settings for each user role. For example, you can turn settings on or off. Also, you can optionally enforce individual settings to prevent users from modifying them.

Audit - These settings control iConsole audit behavior.For example, you can specify whether focus automatically moves to the next event after auditing and events are removed from the results screen after being audited.

Home Page - These settings configure the default behavior for iConsole home pages. For example, these settings control whether a home page appears and which portlets can be included on a home page.

Printing - These settings determine whether printed search results include the event text content, summary details, and extended information.

Search - These settings control how search results are displayed.For example, you can specify the number of results per page and whether result rows can display multiple lines of text. If your iConsole supports content searches, you can also specify which content proxy server to use.

Portlets - Specify which home page portlets are available to each user role.

Available Search and Reports - Specify which searches and reports are listed on the Review tab for each user role.

For more information on Configuring the iConsole for User roles, please refer to Chapter 10 of the CA DataMinder iConsole User Guide Release 14.1 (DLP_iConsole_ENU.pdf), which is available to download from theCA DataMinder 14.1 bookshelf.