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Challenges of LoadRunner load tests with Clarity 13 dynamic object IDs

Question asked by mphelan on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by mmiller6

Our performance testing team uses LoadRunner to load-test our Clarity environment. With the advent of a JQuery-powered front-end for Clarity 13, the former means of invoking page items must change. Our performance testing team has attempted to use the tru client protocol feature of LoadRunner, which is designed to handle AJAX calls to sites. The team has found that the fact that Clarity 13 dynamically generates IDs for each of the items on the page makes it impossible for them to use tru client protocol to make AJAX calls to Clarity. Has anyone else found a way to use LoadRunner tru client protocol to successfully make AJAX requests against items on a page in a Clarity 13 installation?

We're using LoadRunner v11, and Clarity 13.0.1.


Mike Phelan