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Clarity v13: Time Entry User Lov fields and the Cost Plan

Question asked by Ken_Kuperberg on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by Connie_Fu
Working through some v13 upgrade issues. Trying to use the 2 custom Time Entry User Lookup fields as Grouping Attributes in a Cost Plan. I am ready to submit this as a bug, but was hopeful someone in the community could help out.

When using the two Time Entry User Lov fields as Grouping Attributes for Cost Plans, after adding new values to the Time Entry User Lookup field 1, the values do not display on the Cost Plan

Steps to reproduce:
Edit Time Entry User Lookup field 1
Add new custom values

Enter a Project
Go to the Financial Plans tab
Click New Manual Plan
Click Browse on Grouping Attributes
Choose User 1
Click on Detail tab
Click Add
Click on the Browse for User Value 1

Expected Result
See the custom value you added to the Time Entry User Lookup field 1

Actual Result
Only value in the list is Null

User Value 2 works as desired

Differences noted:
User Lookup field 1, dynamic query references fin_browse_user_lov1_v
This view is empty and is not being populated

User Lookup field 2, dynamic query references cmn_lookups_v
cmn_lookups_v is being updated with the custom values entered in the first step.