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Clarity V13: sub object OBS access right

Question asked by ispa-consulting on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by lisa_kollin
I work with Clarity V13.0.1.0102
I have created a subobject attached to resource; the subobject is not secured.
The subobject has several fields : Text, lookup and time-varying
My resource have the following rights :
Global: Resource-Navigate
OBS: resource-View All- MySubobject
resource-Edit All- MySubobject
resource-Subpage MySuboject List-Edit
resource-Subpage MySuboject List-View

When I use this user connection, I only see the resources for the allowed OBS (that's fine).
If I click on a resource, I can change and save the major properties of the resource (that's fine).
If I open the subpage List, i can create a new instance, save it and modifiy it (that's fine).
BUT if an instance already exists and have been created by another user, if i clik on it to access to the properties , I can't modify the instance for all the fields (that's wrong).
Now, if i stay on the list, I can modify all the fields for the instance i do not have created.
From my point of view it doesn't make sense and I thing that the OBS right doesn't work as it should.

Is somebody have been confronted to this and how have you solved it ?