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.NET Agent Stops Report Application Metrics

Question asked by brad.s.watson on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by Lynn_Williams
I am onsite with a client this week who had previously deployed .NET agents to IIS servers, and after the initial deployment, metrics for the application such as backends, frontends, webservices, etc were reporting normally. Then I was told that after a few weeks the agents quit reporting the application metrics and now the only thing being reported is agent metrics such as GC Heap, Host, PerMon, Thread Pool, etc. There were no changes made to the Introscope agents, but there is a good chance some code changes were made around the time this started happening. We have checked to make sure all the dlls are still registered, rerun the wilypermissions.exe for the w3wp.exe processes, and verified the NETWORK SERVICE account has access to the wily directories. I'm not really sure what else to check at this point. Has anyone else ever seen any behavior like this? We have opened a case, but i thought I'd check with the community to see if anyone had experienced this. The logs do not show any errors, we might turn the level up to DEBUG to see if we can find anything.