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Automatic Posting of Pending ETCs?

Question asked by RichGT on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by Rajini
We use MS Project with Clarity. If the person filling out the timesheet changes the ETC and submits the timesheet, the project manager can see the Pending ETC in MSP in the Number1 or Number2 field (the other field has the Pending Actuals). However, when the Post Timesheets job is run, the Pending ETC does not become the new ETC. The new ETC is set by formula (previous ETC - Actuals = new ETC). Is there a mechanism or setting within Clarity to allow the user-entered ETC to be applied during/after the Post Timesheets job rather than the system-calculated ETC?

If anyone has any advice as to how this could be done, it would be much appreciated!