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Question on VMSTAT CPU Metrics

Question asked by Nkota on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by Hiko_Davis
One quick question

We are getting the below Vamstat CPU metrics in Linux environment.

IOWait%: Time spent waiting for IO
Idle%: Time spent idle.
System%: Time spent running kernel code.
User%: Time spent running non-kernel code.
Utilization%: CPU utilization percentage.
According to the vmstat man pages all the above metrics depends on the time not on the %.
(I might be wrong in this statement - in vmstat script(document libarry) I found percentage calucluations only for the utilization)

For example in vmstat script defined value user % is 'us' => {'metricName'=>'Cpu:User %','metricType'=>'IntCounter','ratio'=>1}
According the vmstat man pages us = Time spent running non-kernel code.
Can you please clarify me how we are calculating the % and the metric definitions for above listed metrics except utilization?