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Process not going to next step if field is set with Gel Script SQL

Question asked by joni.campos on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by joni.campos

This is a situation we have in a integration project:

I have a custom object and a process attached to it. When the object is created by a XOG it starts the process. That´s ok.

We design the process so the following attribute flag condition ( Equipamentos.thisEquipamentos Flag 1 = 1 ) makes the process go to the next step.

When we updated the Flag 1 manualy and use the SAVE or SUBMITT button on the object, the process go to the next step.

But when we update the same Flag 1 attribute using Gel Script SQL </sql:update> instruction although the attribute changes its value, the process is unable to regonize that the object was updated.

Any idea ?