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Mutiple rates for one resource

Question asked by pfurjanic on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by pfurjanic
Is it possible to have more than one rate applied to a resource?

Here is what we are after. We are in the planning stages of using Financials in Clarity just to track resource costs on projects.
Employee costs are simple, where we get into a problem is with contractor costs. Some of our contracts allow for more than one rate e.g onsite vs. remote.
If the contractor is onsite their cost is higher than if they work remote.

As a further example: Bob Jones is a contractor working on project XYZ. He works remotely 2 days a week and onsite 3. His is assigned task - "Application Development". He will work om this task for three weeks.
We want to be able to distinguish between time worked remote and time worked onsite.

Can we setup Clarity to capture which rate applies to a specific resource for a specific day / task?

Thanks in advance for any input / help on this.