CA DLP Tuesday Tip: r14.0 Documentation Bookshelf Update.

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CA DLP (DataMinder) r14.0 Documentation Bookshelf Update posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 4 July 2012

As part of CA's ongoing commitment to quality, the CA DLP r14.0 bookshelf has been updated. The latest bookshelf is now available here:

If you have downloaded earlier copies of the CA DLP r14.0 Bookshelf please replace them with the latest version.

The CA DLP r14.0 bookshelf includes the following changes;

14.0 Archive Integration Guide 4th Edition (DLP_Archive_Int_ENU.pdf) describes how to configure SourceOne filtering rules to use CA DLP smart tags.
14.0 Database Guide 3rd Edition (DLP_Database_ENU.pdf) contains:
[*] An updated list of supported databases.
[*]Updated instructions for creating Oracle users: Search User, Unrestricted Search User, and Data Warehouse User.
14.0 Platform Deployment Guide 4th Edition (DLP_Platform_ENU.pdf) includes:
[*] An updated list of supported databases.
[*] Names of the available Windows Installer transforms (.mst files).
[*] Msiexec.exe variables for the Content Indexer service logon account.
14.0 Release Notes 6th Edition (DLP_Relnotes_ENU.pdf) includes a list of the hotfixes (with APAR numbers) issued since r12.5.

PDF names above have been referenced for convenience, however changes have been applied to both HTML and PDF versions.

Note: The edition of revised guides is printed on the bottom right hand corner of the cover page.