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Query for user concurrency

Question asked by RafaLarios on Jul 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by RafaLarios
Hello All

I've been trying to get an approximate number of concurrent users for our Clarity installation. We use a very basic portlet using a query based on this SQL:
SELECT Count(*) 
FROM cmn_session_audits
WHERE SESSION_START_DATE > dateadd(mi,-5,getdate()) and Session_END_DATE is null
Which brings all the sessions opened in the last 5 minutes (that haven't been closed), however, I don't think the number is an adequate aproximation for measuring concurrency. I tried to search something similar on the boards and I didn't find anything (altough i have to admit that my search skills compete with my cat skills to obey me).

Do you have an easy alternative to measure user concurrency?

Thanks for your support! Regards