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Question about GC heap metrics

Question asked by ZhangZhao on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2012 by jakbutler
Hi Folks,
The "Bytes Total" meric for GC Heap is supposed to report the total amount of memory allocated by the JVM.. Based on my senario, We allocated 1.5G space for the heap on our zlinux box, but the value in bytes total metric was 511.9M, which caused confusion, because I thought it should've shown 1.5G as what we set. And the "bytes in use" metric reports the amount of memory being currently used by objects. When I checked this metric, an interesting thing I found out was that the max value was even higher than the value in Bytes Total.. Based on upon observation, I am kindof confused of the value from these two metrics. The Bytes total metric didn't report the max size of GC heap... Could any of you please let me know how can I configure to see the real total amount of memory allocated by the JVM? Or if anyone has had the similar issue before? Thanks.