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"Classified" Projects in Clarity

Question asked by JLaRezza on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by JLaRezza
Our default Clarity configuration grants "read" access of all projects in the system to all users of the system. We set up Clarity in this way because providing project transparency was one of our primary objectives in using the system. We now need to "hide" certain projects in the system so that only certain users can access them. I am considering various options to achieve this, and wonder what suggestions/advice folks might have. The options under consideration are:
1) Creating a special OBS for these projects, and granting OBS-based access to them to just the authorized users via a security group (at the same time, switching the default global view access to projects to being OBS-based as well, and including all the other OBSes)
2) Using a separate partition for these projects (we have not used partitions to date)
3) Creating a secure subpage that would hold the "confidential" data
4) Others?