CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Searching the DatMinder (DLP) Knowledge base.

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CA DLP (DataMinder) searching the knowledge base posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 10 July 2012

As part of CA's ongoing commitment to quality, a repository of knowledge articles is maintained by the CA Technical Support linking known issues to their corresponding resolutions. To expedite the resolution of your support cases, you can perform a Knowledge Base Search when opening a new support case.

The most frequently accessed knowledge base articles accessed over the last 6 months are listed below:

TEC565636 - CA DLP r12.5 - CA DLP FSA (File Scanning Agent) does not scan files located under reparse points.

TEC566599 - CA DLP r12.5 - DLP (DataMinder) Row Level Security (RLS) is not enforced in all incident reports.

TEC562916 - CA DLP r12.5 - DLP Administration Console Searches using Group Hierarchy Fail.

TEC544306- CA DLP r12.5 - Microsoft Outlook error when setting the follow-up flag on signed e-mails.

TEC562212 - CA DLP r12.5 - CA DLP iConsole display issue when save and run is used.

TEC569749 - CA DLP r12.5 - Unable to retrieve Lotus Notes items from Symantec Enterprise Vault (SEV) v9.

TEC541205 - CA DLP 12.5 NBA - NBA Support for SSL.

TEC562917 - CA DLP r 14.0 - Data Warehouse and Business Object (BOE) reports fixes and enhancements.

A complete list of Orchestria/DLP/DatMinder knowledge base articles can be accessed here.