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Crystal Reports: Why default parameters value is Zero ?

Question asked by Manish_Narang on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by SunilPrasad

I have created a crystal report which has a couple of parameters (OBS Branch, Resource manager etc etc).

The report is running against all the internal IDs (like for Resource Name parameter, srm.user_id for Resource manager name etc). When I run from Crystal, it is all Fine. But when from Clarity (WITHOUT Parameters), It does not display any data, (as it is by default taking 0 as all the values in parameters, not sure why).

The report parameters are configured as we usually do in Clarity, nothing new.

Any idea? Why all Zeroes? Or how can i pass NO VALUE/EMPTY for parameters?

PS: All all optional Parameters both in Crystal and Clarity end.


Quite desparate to get an answer , Pelase help ::::(