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[reporting] Custom report issue - (works within CR and BO, not in Clarity)

Question asked by on Jul 11, 2012
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Good afternoon,
could you kindly advice us with this issue?

Flow: Clarity > DB > sql query > Crystal reports > Business Objects > Clarity reports and jobs.

Installed Version:
CR: 14.02

Issue summary

we do have a custom report built in Crystal Reports, containing three parameters (period, resource, project) and showing reported hours from timesheets.
We have imported the report into Clarity PPM via uploading the report to Business Objects, set up the parameters in Clarity PPM as 'pull-down' and pointed to lookups (dynamic query).

But the report fails with timeout when executed in Clarity PPM - while it works fine in Crystal Reports and Business Objects...
We are running this on small data set (less than 100rows), so the performance should not be the root cause.

When we have modified the report to filter on period only, it works fine. But can't complete succesfully when using any additional filters.

Error code:
RPT-0009: Report did not complete in the stipulated time. Please try modifying the filter or schedule the report and view later from the Report Library.

Any ideas ?

thank you very much