NSQL Portlet : Drill from a 2-dimensional portlet?

Discussion created by Dave on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
So I have built a NSQL query that delivers me 2 dimensions (and 20-odd metrics) and I have built a grid portlet such that one dimension (Project Details) goes "down" the page and the other dimension (something bespoke) goes across the page.

Dump a few metrics into the portlet and it all displays "fine" :grin:

But when I add a LINK to my query I start getting a problem;

I can add a simple link in teh query that goes to the project object OK and then associate that with a dimension property (i.e. project id, project name etc) - all works OK

But I add another link to my query which takes 2 parameters (essentially the IDs of my two dimensions, the project id and my bespoke id) - now I can create the link in the query fine it gives me all the options I want.

HOWEVER, I seem to be unable to add the link to a field in my portlet - I want to add it to my metrics so I could drill down from them ; but the metric fields don't even give me the option to add a link. :sad

Any clues - my thinking at the moment is just "you can't add links to metrics in 2-dimension portlets" - I'd like to be proved wrong! :unsure: