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How to post actual labor hour to the project

Question asked by occlarity on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by navzjoshi00
How can I show actual labor hour cost within the project? Here are the following step I have already done in Clarity:

1. Create Department and Location
2. Create the Entity and associate the Dept. and Location
3. Create Fiscal time periods
4. Create resource class
5. Create Company class
6. Create Investment class
7. Create Transaction class - for labor, material, equipment and expense
8. Create rate matrix
9. Enable financial in resources
10. Financially enabled the project
11. Within the project, create a cost plan, submit for approval - apporve
12. set investment financial type to "Internal"
13. Have the project apporved
14. Post actual hours to the resource
15. run post timesheet job
16. All actual hours have posted to the resource

But we don't say any actual labor cost, so how can we get the resource role to multiple the actual hours and get the total cost for the week?

Example: Resource Role (Network technican) cost $40.00 and he work 40 hours a week -- $40.00 * 40 = $160.00 for that week.

So, which porlet will display the information for the labor cost?

Thanks for any input to help this out.