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Search for clamped transactions / errors

Question asked by mac-skye on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by Srikant.Noorani
I see that I have an application that says it is getting clamped. I want to try to find out where the errors are coming from that are being clamped, however, am having a hard time. I see from the documentation it says to create a trace, and then in the trace viewer to look for the trace type and find an asterisk. However, I not interested in creating a new trace. I want to see what has already been clamped.
I found that I can run a command on the query historical events: componentsNotShown:[1 TO 9999] as seen in the documentation, but this doesnt work, I have tried several variations...

Has anyone been able to view the clamped errors? Or successfully run the above command in the historical events query?? Something interesting that I did find, is that if you run componentsNotShown:[1 TO 9999]t (add a letter on the end, you get strange results...) Not what I am looking for!!