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Portlet Virtual Gantt Column - Cell Limitation ?

Question asked by bfarquhar on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by Chris_Hackett

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this problem before.... we have a portlet that has a Virtual List Column - Gantt in it. It displays simple start and finish dates. We at times will get an Error 500 on this portlet. By default the Gantt is set to 24 monthly periods. It seems like we hit the Error 500 when the number of rows returned exceeds aprox 40 or so. I did a bit more testing with a scenario with 44 rows but incremented the number of periods up from 12 until I hit the error. 21 periods was OK.... 22 periods I hit the error.

What I'm wondering... is there some kind of limitation or known issue with virtual column Gantt fields when the number of cells returned (rows x Columns) exceeds some number ? My testing indicates that number to be between 924 (44x21) and 968 (44x22). This testing was done with the number of rows displayed set to 50 so that all 44 were on one page.

I then tried setting my original 24 periods, with the same 44 rows retuned, but rows per page set to 30 rows... so displaying 720 cells (30x24) and I did not get the error. I then upped the rows per page to 40 rows... so displaying 960 cells (40x24) and got the error !

This leads me to believe that there is a number of cells between 924 and 960 that the system does not like. Does anyone know anything about this ?