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RE: Weblogic JMX Monitoring problem

Question asked by Kellie_Blanding on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Kellie_Blanding
We had the same problem. I opened a ticket and was told to use the Wildcard setting, but it produced a metric explosion and wasn't a true fix. I tried removing the |* in the default filter and got the other metrics like JMSDestionationRuntime etc. I decided to experiment with the filter since we had some success getting more than the single metric you described.

I used this filter;,MessagesCurrentCount,MessagesPendingCount,JMSServerRuntime:MessagesReceivedCount,MessagesCurrentCount,MessagesPendingCount,ExecuteQueueRuntime:ExecuteThreadCurrentIdleCount,PendingRequestCurrentCount,ServicedRequestTotalCount

I am still getting more metrics than I want, which is surprising since we are only listing JMSDestinationRuntime, JMSServerRuntime and ExecuteQueueRuntime. I updated my ticket with support with the results of this filter setting, waiting for a response.