CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Portfolio Alignment Report

Discussion created by Kathryn_Ellis Employee on Jul 17, 2012
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The stock, Clarity 'Portfolio Alignment' Report is not returning any data !

In addition to referencing the 'Common Features and Personal Options' Documentation from the Clarity Bookshelf for full detailed description on how the 'Portfolio Alignment Report' functions, check the following data configurations:

This report is generated for Projects with detailed financial plans and baseline data.
Although the name of the report states 'Portfolio Alignment', the project does not need to belong to a Portfolio to appear on the report.

The Project must have a detailed Financial Cost Plan (Plan of Record) or Budget Plan (POR), based on the report parameter 'Plan Type' selection.
If detailed financial plans do not exist, data for the project will not be returned. The Report requires the end-user to select 'Planned Cost' or 'Budget' Plan Type to generate the report

The Project must have BOTH a Project Department OBS Unit and a Location OBS Unit.
In the application, only the Department OBS Unit is the minimum requirement to create detailed financial plans, however the Datamart Extraction job will only extract the detailed plan data if BOTH financial OBS Units are configured on the Project Financial Settings page. The Datamart Extraction job puts the detailed cost plan and budget plan information into the NBI_PROJECT_FORECAST table.

Baseline the Project. If a baseline does not exist, data for the project will not be returned on the report

In a Multi-Currency system, with multiple currency codes activated, Currency Foreign Exchange Rates must be defined for converting monetary values to the specified Currency Code selected in the Report Parameters. Check the Project Financial Settings page for the Exchange Rate Type (fixed, average, spot), then check the Administration > Finance: Setup > Foreign Exchange Rates listing for active entries for the project's Exchange Rate Type.

Ensure the Time Slicing and Datamart Extraction jobs completed successfully prior to executing the report.
The Datamart Extraction job puts the current project information into the NBI_PROJECT_CURRENT_FACTS table.

The end-user generating the report must have 'Cost Plan View' access rights, either globally or associated with the specific project to see the data on the report

The date range of the Report parameters must cover the entire date range of the Project Baseline Start and Finish Dates for the Project data to be returned in the report.
If BOTH Baseline dates on a specific project do not fall within the date range specified on the Report Parameters, the specific project will not appear in the report

Project Baseline Start Date MUST be AFTER OR ON (>=) the Report Start Date
Project Baseline Finish Date MUST be BEFORE (<) the Report Finish Date
Example: Project Baseline Dates = 1/1/2012 to 5/31/2013, the Report Dates could be entered as 1/1/2012 to 6/1/2013